Nemesis Guitars And Basses

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Nemesis Guitars And Basses

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Tell us about Nemesis Guitars and Basses – what’s the idea behind this line?

The inspiration for Nemesis Guitars & Basses has come from the past 6+ years of creating unique custom instruments for Australian clients. We have gathered the most commonly requested custom features and must-have additions and distilled out the “best of the best”. We have included them all as standard equipment in the Nemesis range. The list includes exotic tone woods, world class hardware, boutique pickups, stainless steel frets, luminous side dots, custom fret board inlays and a range of original colours and nishes. Of course there’s still room for further personalisation of your instrument, as they are all hand made to customer order in the USA by some of the nest luthiers in the business.


Tell us about the construction of these guitars. Where are they being built and what materials are you including.

There is a range of construction methods employed across the numerous different variants in the Nemesis stable. Guitars are available in both neck-through-body and bolt-on neck construction. There has long been argument, over which method is the best, but we believe both have their own unique, desirable attributes and we want to cater for a wide variety of player tastes, so we have incorporated both styles in the range. Basses will also be available in these two build styles and we will be using a variety of exotic woods to contribute to the tone profile of every instrument. Guitars will initially be available in 6, 7 and 8 string variants with a 9 string option in future. Basses will come standard in 4, 5 and 6 string variations – but again, we custom build everything so you can go with even more strings if you dare. We have collaborated with S7G in the USA to come up with the designs for this range and they will be completing each project as our customer orders are confirmed. As an interesting sidenote, S7G have just completed a deal to use the same paintwork company as PRS guitars, so all of our instruments will be finished to the same exacting standards as the PRS range.


When are these likely to be available in Australia?

Our first prototypes are nearing completion now, and we will be fine tuning (pun intended) the instrument specification once we have had a chance to see, hear, smell, touch and play the prototype versions. Since we have spent many months hammering out the specification before producing these first models, we doubt there will be any need for further changes. It will be more a case of finding out what players really want in terms of the cosmetic colour and finish choices once the range is launched on the Australian market – we’re pretty sure the “nuts and bolts” stuff we have specified is spot on for Aussie musos.


We expect that the full range of Nemesis guitars and basses will be available in Q1 2016 but we will be taking customer orders in advance as the production process is approximately 20-24 weeks plus shipping and Customs clearance time. We will work with each client to personalise their specification to their exact requirements in terms of choice of tone woods, hardware options, pick up choices plus colour and finish options to ensure that each guitar or bass is a unique personal statement of the player’s personality and a reflection of their intent to be the best in their field. While they are indisputably beautiful works of art, we also see instruments as “tools of trade” for serious musicians. Master craftsmen and craftswomen will always demand the nest tools!

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about the range?

We will be announcing some pre-release special deals for potential “brand ambassadors” for the Nemesis Guitars and Basses range over the coming weeks. We will also be running a competition where one lucky player will have the chance to win one of the first prototype guitars ever produced! This will be a milestone event in the Nemesis Guitars and Basses development story, and we look forward to seeing one of these unique instruments added to a local players arsenal, free of charge. 


For more information head to the Nemesis Guitars and Basses Facebook page, or contact Ubersonic at