Newmarket Studios

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Newmarket Studios

Tell us a bit about the history of your studio.

Newmarket was established back in 1986. There have been several changes over the years, but the control room and main tracking room with the grand piano are basically in the same configuration as back then. The Harrison console was purchased from Neil Young and is now the centrepiece of the control room.


Who are your recording engineers?

Anna Laverty is in the middle of a six-month residency managing the studio while Callum Barter, long-time manager, is overseas working. Julian McKenzie, Guus Hoevenaars, Lilith Lane and Charles Mann make up the rest of the team.


What equipment do you have at your studio?

We have four isolated tracking rooms with sightlines between them, allowing bands to track live with separation, a 24-track two-inch analogue tape machine or Pro Tools HD and vintage microphones to die for, including Neumann U 47, U 48, U 67, AKG C12B. Our console is a 40 channel analogue Harrison. And then there’s the Kawai GS-50 Grand Piano.


What can people expect if they visit your studio?

A friendly, professional yet relaxed environment where our only desire is to have you leave with what you came in for. A high quality recording tracked during an enjoyable session.


Newmarket Studios are located at 87-91 Arden Street, North Melbourne. Find out more at