Mixmasters Productions

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Mixmasters Productions

Tell us a bit about the history of your studio.

Mixmasters began in the 1980s in Adelaide, and has hosted every recording device known to man – starting with a Teac 3340 simul sync recorder, finishing with a Studer 827, and all formats in between. It’s like one huge lounge room, full of musical and sonic curiosities, dogs, and great food, in a semi-rural setting less than 30 minutes from the CBD.


Who are your recording engineers?

Myself, Tom Barnes, Kai Gossner, Sam Leske, and a host of interstate engineers who love the place. They are world class, multi-award winning, have recorded all over the planet, and make the best coffee in the land.


What equipment do you have at your studio?

Everything from Studer 2” machines and an SSL 4000 console (the first SSL bought to Australia by INXS, which we refurbished) to a huge collection of mics and instruments, from U 47’s to Pultecs and classic original Neves.


Why should musicians choose to record at your studio?

It is so very cool and it’s a musical art gallery that inspires great performance. It’s pretty much analogue, as well as having very agreeable accommodation facilities and arguably the best gear list in the land.


Mixmasters Productions are located at 21 Darwin Avenue, Hawthorndene, South Australia. Find out more at mixmasters.com.au.