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What Electro-Voice have done is compiled a selection of microphones that will tackle most instances of live performance from a big festival stage to a YouTube video and everything in between. There is something for most environments with vocal microphones in the ND range, built around the development of Neodymium capsule technology that Elector-Voice have been working on for over three decades. It’s been quite a number of years since the market has seen a range of Electro-Voice microphones and these shouldn’t let down any expectations. A large capsule design in the vocal microphones allows for big, bold sound that still has plenty of rich, crisp high frequency response. The models vary in way of grill shape, voicing and polar patterns. There are models for big festival stages, such as the ND96, as well as the all-rounders such as the ND76 and ND76S, which includes an on/off switch.


The ND68 is the big boy in the range, designed for kick drum microphone applications and capable of withstanding extremely high SPLs with swift transient attacks. For the rest of the kit, the ND44 mounts directly to the rim of any drum for close microphone applications around a loud drum kit. Over the top, or on your percussion or even in the piano lid you might find the ND66, which is a small diaphragm condenser microphone with an edge. This unit has a clever pivoting head so you can mount it however the space allows yet still be able to point it directly at your intended sound source. Finally, the ND46 is a large diaphragm dynamic microphone, also with a pivoting head, ready for a wide range of instrument applications. I could see this being right at home in front of a guitar amp, looking over the rim of a floor tom or even in front of a bass cabinet. The range of possibilities that the ND Series microphones covers is really only limited by your imagination and your band’s needs. All designed to deliver well balanced signals that complement each other in output, clarity and tone, the ND Series of vocal and instrument microphones from Electro-Voice are sure to take the place of a great number of microphones in many mic kits in the not too distant future.


Electro-Voice Microphones are distributed throughout Australia by Bosch Communications Systems Australia. For more information visit electrovoice.com.