Zildjian Add Two New Crashes To K Custom Series

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Zildjian has unveiled two new additions to its popular K Custom Dark Crash, offering in response to requests by drummers and dealers alike. Now available in 19′′ and 20” diameters, these two larger sizes are the latest members of the acclaimed K Custom Series and put out a warm, rich sound that cuts through and sings out.

The Zildjian K Cymbals have the shimmering, classic sound that has been trusted and played by the likes of Art Blakely, Tony Williams, and Elvin Jones. The K Custom Series has been adapted from the original 19th century K Cymbals to produce more volume with a better cut so that there is both a quick attack and a rapid decay of sound. The result is a dark, trashy sound that is still reminiscent of classic cymbals. The very dark notes of the Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash Cymbal will add a warm, old school sound to your drum set. The larger 19” and 20” diameters also feature a large bell that is designed to provide more volume and cut. 


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