With Tim Mahoney Of 311

Tim Mahoney, guitarist for American rock band 311 sat down with Ernie Ball to test out a couple of their new effect pedals, namely the Ambient Delay and Expression Overdrive.

The Ambient Delay features between 50 milliseconds to one second of delay time with a variety of tonal options, including slap back and extended repeats. Controls include delay time, feedback, reverb level, as well as a foot sweepable effect to give variation in creating a subtle tone to a lush extended texture.“I really like this delay pedal. It seems like a unique take on a delay, to be able to access that control with your foot while you’re playing,” Mahoney said.


The Expressive Overdrive includes controls for drive, boost and tone, with a foot-sweepable overdrive control, making it easy to go from a clean tone to dirty with ease.“It’s great having the drive adjustable on the fly so you don’t have to stop playing guitar while you’re doing it,” Mahoney said.


Check out the pedals in action below 



Ernie Ball is distributed in Australia by CMC Music and Audio.