Solar Guitars reveal first eight string model

Enter The A1.8C

Ola Englund's instrument manufacturing venture Solar Guitars has unveiled its first eight string model, the formidable A1.8C.

Loaded with a super-tough Evertune bridge, the Solar Guitars A1.8C promises enhanced tuning stability to withstand the most raucous of riffage at all times, making the A1.8C a formidable weapon for heavier genres. 


Specs wise, the Solar Guitars A1.8C is reminiscent of other guitars released by Englund's company, featuring an ebony fretboard, Solar 18: locking tuners, two coil-splitting Seymour Duncan Solar humbuckers and a mammoth 27" scale. Elsewhere, the guitar features premium hardware, stainless steel frets and a gloomy Carbon Black Finish. Make no mistakes: this guitar can, and will, djent. 



The Solar Guitars A1.8C starts shipping from April onwards. Check out Englund's website to see how it compares with other Solar Guitar models.


For further specs and to purchase the A1.8C, head over to Solar Guitars.