Røde's New Lightweight Shotgun Mic Solution Is A Sight For Sore Arms

The NTG5 IS Available Now

World-beating microphone giant RØDE recently announced the introduction of the new NTG5, to their best-selling range of professional shotgun microphones.

Designed in collaboration with legendary engineer, Tony Faulkner, the NTG5 borrows many of the same ground breaking technology found in RØDE’s premium TF5 studio condenser, but reimagined with the broadcast/field recordist in mind. The result is a shotgun mic with unparalleled acoustic transparency and capture, all housed in a very manageable 76g package!



Set to provide some much needed relief to boom operators everywhere, the lightweight NTG5 is sure to find its way onto inventory lists and production riders, industry-wide.



Check in with your local RØDE dealer today regarding availability.