Gibson launch the Bats in Flight Les Paul Custom

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Gibson launch the Bats in Flight Les Paul Custom

Announced as a collaboration with Guitar Center, the Bats in Flight Les Paul boasts a premium AAAAA (that’s five A’s!) figured and double stained top, and definitely looks like something you’d see onstage with Ozzy Osbourne. The neck’s adorned with a dark ebony fretboard with the titular Bats in Flight inlays as well as a custom headstock, while the Gibson CustomBuckers dish out classic raucous Les Paul tones. It’s also got a pretty lavish body binding, which probably contains salt to keep away those pesky vampires. 



Obviously being a Custom Shop model, this one’s being created in limited numbers and is pretty damn pricey, but it’s still a pretty fresh little Halloween oddity. It even comes with a custom molded case – shame it’s not a coffin though, huh?


Check out the guitar in greater detail here.