Reviewed: TC Electronic Hall Of Fame 2 Mini

Amber Technology | | Expect to pay: $249

If there’s any reverb pedal that could be considered to be the one that defined the 2010s, there’s absolutely no debate that the TC Electronic Hall Of Fame Mini would sit high up the list. Squeezing all the algorithms of its larger sibling into a package that quite literally fits in the palm of your hand, the HOF Mini was considered an instant classic upon release, becoming a no-brainer for musicians seeking a compact solution for lush reverb tones in a tight live setting. Now, TC have backed up the classic with a sequel that takes everything great about the HOF Mini and takes it up a notch: enter the Hall Of Fame 2 Mini.

Other than a few little tweaks, TC Electronic have essentially maintained the original blueprint of the HOF Mini with this new version: the pint-size dimensions, true-bypass functionality and firetruck red chassis all remain the same. One of the main selling points of the original HOF Mini was its simple single-knob design, with users being able to tweak tones to their heart’s content via TC Electronic’s TonePrint app. This obviously ruffled the feathers of a few players who missed the immediacy that knob-tweaking offers in a live setting, and as a result, TC have voted in favour of putting three knobs on the HOF 2 Mini for controlling Tone, Level and Decay.


While feeling slightly cramped due to the tiny size of the chassis, having these knobs definitely makes for a much more hands-on playing experience, allowing you to fine-tune your tone at any given moment. I found the Tone knob particularly useful for taming the sparkling high frequencies of the new Shimmer algorithm, which I was stoked to see was included with this pedal. If you’re into ambient volume swells or glistening shoegaze sounds, I can guarantee you’ll be smitten for the Shimmer; it also sounds a treat on synth as well.



For hands-free tweaking, TC Electronic have also added a pressure-sensitive MASH footswitch to the HOF 2 Mini, letting you adjust specific parameters for each reverb algorithm in real-time. When paired with some clever setting up and editing via the TonePrint app, this feature can be an absolute gamechanger, adding in a whole new level of expressive capabilities to what would be otherwise considered stock-standard sounds. Whether you want to create a subtle decay with a hint of modulation, spine-tingling reverb tails or an envelope your signal in a wash of white noise, the MASH footswitch really is the secret weapon of the HOF 2 Mini. Once you master it, you won’t want to remember life without it.


Other than the addition of the aforementioned Shimmer reverb, TC Electronic have retained all the tried-and-true algorithms of the original Hall Of Fame, including favourites like Church, LoFi, Spring and Hall, as well as all the other user-made presets the platform has to offer. Most players will be familiar with these sounds, and beaming them into the HOF 2 Mini via the micro USB port or the TonePrint app is incredibly straightforward. As a side note, I was also rather impressed with TC Electronic’s latest TonePrint Editor update: it’d been a while since I’d used it, and every little quirk I’d ever experienced with its functionality was flawlessly amended, making for a superb user experience.


It’s certainly hard to follow up on a product that’s already so beloved by the masses, but it’s fair to say TC Electronic have done an almighty job with the Hall Of Fame 2 Mini. It’s just as small and tactile as its predecessor, the algorithms sound as good as they ever have, and every little tweak has its own purpose without feeling overstuffed: what more could you ask for?

Hits and Misses


Tiny size, tearjerking tones

Intuitive MASH footswitch


Knobs are a little cramped