NAMM 2020: Mooer show off two new Micro Series pedals

Perfect For Immersive Psychedelic Textures

More new things! Mooer have utilised that big old gear convention in Anaheim to debut two new mini stompboxes, the A7 Ambiance and D7 Delay.

As implied by its name - Mooer don't mess around - the A7 Ambiance delivers seven sweet reverb effects, including plate, hall, warp, shake, crush, shimmer and dream. It's perfect for creating soaring ambient stylings and psychedelic swells, with an infinite trail mode and preset storage letting you flesh out your sounds even further. 




Likewise, the D7 Delay lets you flick between six distinct delay sounds, and gives you seven preset slots as well as a nifty tap-tempo feature. You've got the choice of tape, liquid, rainbow, galaxy, modverse and low-bit, while a 150 second looper function can be applied in conjunction with any tone to create some Robert Fripp-styled magic. 



Hit up Jade MC for details on availabilty and pricing in Australia.