MESA/Boogie introduces Switch-Track and Head-Track amplifier switching devices

Versatility Is Never A Bad Thing

MESA/Boogie has introduced the new Switch-Track and Head-Track devices, promising pro-quality ABY and FX Loop switching without any hassle.

The Switch-Track amplifier switching device grants players an either-or-both ABY scenario for two amplifiers. Players can freely choose between the two, allowing more sonic options, or combine them for either a heftier sound or a blend of tonal characters, depending on the set up. The Switch-Track also features a buffered input to prevent signal loss, in addition to transformer-isolated outputs for consistent tone. 



As its name states, the Head-Track is a compact head-switcher that also allows for a player's entire rig to be switched while employing the same speaker cabinet and effects setup. The device is intended for use in close proximity to the amplifiers, in order to minimise cable lengths and protect signal integrity.



Both devices feature a remote switch jack, allowing for on/off MIDI switching. An onboard footswitch also allows players to use either the Switch-Track or Head-Track on pedalboards if so desired.


MESA/Boogie is distributed in Australia by Pro Audio Supplies.