Marshall Amplification teams up with Scottish brewery for new range of craft beers

Drink Loud, But Drink Responsibly

Very few names are as synonymous with the abrasive, earth-shaking attitude of rock 'n' roll as British amplification dons Marshall. Now, the already omnipresent company looks to fully capitalise on their stake in the international live music scene, releasing a line of 'Rock 'n Roll' craft beers to stack next to your stack onstage.

Partnering with Scottish microbrewery William Brothers Brewing Co., Marshall's venture into the craft beer market sees the British company pitch for their new brews to be "enjoyed with music" – as if there was any other option of consumption on the table. 


The Marshall and William Brothers Brewing co. Rock N Roll collection comprises of three aptly titled beverages, including the set-opening Amped Up Lager (4.6% ABV), the hoppy-but-definitely-not-poppy Full Stack IPA (6.8% ABV), and the searing high-gain Belgian Tripel, Jim's Treble (8.9%).

Although Marshall's Rock N Roll Craft Beer collection is currently only available in the UK, given Australia's appreciation for finely brewed alcoholic beverages, it wouldn't surprise us if the collection landed in your favourite gentrified inner city bar or nightclub some time in the future. Keep your eyes peeled to Mixdown for more updates.  


Check out the full Rock N Roll Craft Beer collection here (and keep the new range cool with Marshall's very own bar fridge).