Long Lost Instrument: Slash's B.C Rich Warlock Goes To Auction

Rock 'N' Roll History

Last played by Slash in 1987, his long-lost B.C Rich Warlock on which he wrote many of Guns N Roses’ early hits has finally been found and immediately put up for auction.

Slash has given his own seal of authenticity along with his old guitar tech, Jason Solon, verifying that the guitar is the definitely the same one he ordered from B.C Rich in the early months of 1984. According to Guns N Roses historians, the guitar was used for 18 shows around the Hollywood area and at the time it was Slash’s weapon of choice.

So if you’ve got coin to burn and wouldn’t mind a little piece of rock 'n’ roll history, you can head over to Julien’s Auctions, have a look in the Icons & Idols section and start the bidding. The auction will take place on November 4 and also contains property from Frank Zappa’s estate.


Whoever is lucky enough to get their hands on the guitar will receive it with Slash’s signature, a signed letter of authenticity from both Slash and guitar tech Solon, along with the original Anvil hard case and a timeline of the performances it was used for.


You better have deep pockets though, bidding starts at $30,000 and it’s expected to sell for anywhere between $60,000 and $80.000.