Radial Engineering Reinvent Tonebone Classic

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Radial Engineering Reinvent Tonebone Classic

Radial Classiv V9.jpg

Originally, the Tonebone Classic only ran off tube power. With this new design, the Classic can now run off any old 9V power supply.


The design begins with a dual-stage input circuit with a three position switch that lets you set the distortion range to low for slight break-up like a vintage amp, mid-drive crunch like a more modern overdriven tone and full-on distortion. This is supplemented with a variable gain control that lets you fine tune the distortion to suit.


Unique to the Classic-V9 is the incredible dynamics and sensitivity. When you turn down the volume on your guitar, it cleans up like a real amp. This not only allows greater versatility when playing, but also serves to translate your playing style with greater accuracy so that your feel and intonation shines through.


Central to the design are the incredibly powerful high and low tone controls. These controls are post distortion to maximise the range. This approach brings a much more amp-like character to the distortion, resulting in a richer tone with improved dynamics. A three-position, mid-range switch lets you enhance the all-important mid band frequencies for solos or can be used to fatten up single-coil pickups to bring out the Jeff Beck in your tone! This is rounded out with a high frequency control that lets you darken the signal to compensate for overly bright amps or enhance the harmonics when going for maximum saturation.


The re-adaptation of this pedal shows some real innovative thinking from our Canadian friends at Radial Engineering. We just can’t wait to get our hands on it.


For more details on the range of Radial Engineering products, head to ambertech.com.au.