Every Time I Die guitarist shreds to savour final Warped Tour set

Jordan Buckley Refused To Let The Iconic Concert Tour Die

After almost 25 years, the iconic annual Warped Tour came to an end yesterday at Coral Sky Beach Amphitheater in Florida, ending an era of moshing for heavy music fans.

However, it seems that some devout fans, including Every Time I Die's Jordan Buckley, weren't ready for the festivities to end. Determined to be the last musician to perform at the event, the guitarist performed an extended outro to the band's song 'Map Change' as the stage crew began dismantling the set behind him. 


Although Buckley was eventually booted offstage after nine minutes of solo shredding, he enjoyed himself for a while longer after jumping into the crowd to savour one last shred. Check out the emotional footage below - RIP Warped Tour.