Ernie Ball unveil new Burly and Ultra Slinky string gauges

Their First In Over A Decade

Ernie Ball have released two new string gauges to keep the momentum rolling into 2019: the Ultra Slinky and the Burly Slinky.

The new string gauges act as Ernie Ball's first new string gauge in over a decade, combining existing string gauges together to create hybrid sets. If you're a picky player, this means you won't have to chop and change between sets of strings in order to get your desired gauge, offering ultimate convenience for you shredders. 


The Ultra Slinky set, which combines Regular and Power Slinky sets, boasts gauges of .010, .013, .017, .028, .038 and .048". For a heavier set, the Burly combines Power and Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Slinky sets for gauges of 0.11, .014, .018, .030, 0.42 and .052".




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