Electro-Harmonix launch the Bass9 Bass Machine pedal


Electro-Harmonix have had a pretty hot run with their line of instrument-emulating '9' pedals - think back to the Key9, Synth9 and Mel9 - so it only makes sense that the effects dons would go the whole hog and release a bass-themed variant. Everybody, meet the EHX Bass9 Bass Machine.

Obviously this one doesn't need much  of an explanation: it's a pedal that makes your guitar sound like a bass. However, instead of functioning as a standard octave pedal, the Bass9 offers a whole range of nine different low end sounds, covering everything from Precision and Fretless to Moog and TB303 sounds.



  • Precision Bass - you know this one.
  • Longhorn - modeled on the squawky baritone sound of the Danelectro Longhorn.
  • Fretless - great for jazz.
  • Synth - styled on the infamous rumble of the Moog Taurus.
  • Virtual - lets the user adjust the bass’s body density and neck length for a variety of bass sounds.
  • Bowed - perfect for Bach.
  • Split Bass - allows for guitarists to play bass on the lower strings (all notes below F#3) and chords or melody with the higher strings.
  • 3:03 - Acid house, baby. Does the TB303 squelch - need I say more? 
  • Flip-flop - Based on the EHX Octave Multiplexer, reminiscent of a '70s sub-octave generator that tracks without glitching.


The design of the pedal features two volume knobs - one dry, one to control the Bass9 effect volume - as well as two control knobs to adjust your parameters. This one looks pretty sweet, and I can definitely imagine a lot of people getting some sweet use out of it - hope we see it in Australia soon!


Read more about the EHX Bass9 Bass Machine via the Electro-Harmonix website