VOX Amplification AC10C1 Guitar Amplifier

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VOX Amplification AC10C1 Guitar Amplifier

AC101c1 AMP ONLINE.jpg


Opening the box, I was greeted with that familiar Vox amp look. The oxblood cloth with greenish diamonds, black tolex, white piping and that gold coloured logo. It makes sense to stick with a winning formula, and at around 50x20x40cms and weighing in at 12kgs the AC10 is quite compact and manageable. You can hoist it with one hand so should be fine for home, rehearsal or gigs. 


Gain, bass, treble, reverb and volume cover the amps controls (suitably with white chicken head knobs) and a single On/Off switch. It features a single input jack on top and then an output on the back for an extension cab if you wish. Flick the amp on and add some level and you’re greeted with a pleasant clean sound with some mid rangey grunt and top end. Although there’s only EQ controls for bass and treble the two seem quite interactive with plenty of scope around the dial. Add some gain and you’re getting that chokey Vox sound that jangles nicely with single coils or can push a little harder with humbuckers. The on board reverb is tasteful as a subtle wash and can then go up to bigger spacey tones if needed too. Rock, country and pop could all be goers in the genre department but really you’re only limited by what you coax out of this 10 watt fella.


10 watts might not seem like a lot but you might be surprised how useable this amp could be. No it isn’t a 2×12 AC30, but it gets that Top Boost tone. It can be pushed at lower volumes and will still cut it for plenty of musical situations. Best of all, you can throw it easily on the front seat and the price is nice. If you’ve looked at Vox amps but never taken the plunge then the AC10 could be a good option for you. Likewise if you’re a Vox fan/user and want those tones at lower volumes then you’re also looking in the right direction. 


For more information visit www.voxamps.com