Relish Guitars’ “Sandwich Construction” Opens Up New Possibilities For Guitarists

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Relish Guitars’ “Sandwich Construction” Opens Up New Possibilities For Guitarists


The secret to a Relish guitar’s unique sound and the extensive sustain lays in the combination of the materials and its construction. The bodies of the guitars are constructed using the Swiss “floating sandwich construction.”


Their latest model, Mary, has a body that consists of three layers. This design includes an alder centre, top veneer and back veneer. The top and back are separated from the centre with industrial rubber rings, which allow the alder centre to vibrate freely and produce an increased resonance, similar to a soundboard inside of a piano. The back is attached to the centre using Relish’s industrial magnets for easy access to the electronics.

Mary’s pickups are their own Relish Bucker XV humbuckers, featuring a dominant coil for added transparency, coupled with only the finest electronics from Emerson. 


Relish’s sandwich construction isn’t the only point of difference to most guitar constructions. The company are striking all the right chords with their woven bamboo fretboard, which in addition to being an environmentally sustainable wood, has a wealth of sustain and tone. The bamboo is also extremely resilient to changes in humidity, which results in less maintenance.


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