Porter & Davies KT Platform

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Porter & Davies KT Platform

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P&D now recognised as the leaders in tactile monitoring for drummers now brand out into to world of bass. The KT Platform is perfect for bass players, DJs, guitarists, stand-up keyboard players and percussionists.


It gives a full and faithful transfer of the sound and the weight of the sound through bone conduction. There is no time lag. It’s not just a low-end rumble: All notes are faithfully transmitted, including harmonics and all dynamics.


The KT Platform will give you the exciting power, depth and tone ranging from subtle levels to bone-shaking, that other monitors (in-ears, in particular) just can’t deliver. You can choose to monitor just your own instrument, or take a mix from the monitor board and lock into the groove in a way you’ve never felt before.


It can be driven by any of the three Porter & Davies Engines: The Gigster, BC2 and BC2rm.


More information here www.porteranddavies.co.uk