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In a goldy bronze polished steel styled casing, the Wahter comes from Mooer’s latest release of pedals. At around 9.3 x 4.2 x 5.2 cms it defi nitely falls into their micro series, and upon opening the box it was even smaller than I’d envisaged a micro wah to be. It’s a tough little brute though and quite weighty in feel meaning it sits solidly under foot, which is a good thing indeed. And for those questioning whether a 9.3 cm wah pedal length is going to work with even a medium sized foot, Mooer are already onto it.

The Wahter’s treadle features two extendable pedal rings which fl ip out at the top and bottom extending the length to around 13 cms. Quite clever indeed, and this small increase actually made a lot of difference to the feel and usability in my case. Whilst we’re on design features, Mooer have also come up with something cool in terms of the working mode. In ‘Sensor’ mode the Wahter is activated by simply putting your foot on the pedal. This can be great for quick changes when needing the pedal engaged/ disengaged instantly – no more leaning forward and waiting for the click (if you know what I mean). ‘Hold’ mode then needs two quick taps to turn the effect on or off meaning you can leave it on for a half cocked tone or to hit other pedals and come back to exactly where it was. Thirdly, ‘Advanced’ mode includes both the previous modes which can be switched between by two quick taps on the pedal.




All the aforementioned functions seem workable and you’ll need to take some time to see what works best for you, but in general I was impressed with the thought and functionality built into the Wahter. Feel wise, the micro wah is a different beast that (for me) took more of a middle of the foot feel rather than toe and heel which most will be normally used to. The sweep is smooth in feel and tonally runs quite evenly although some may want some extra quack up top. Micro pedals have been a hit worldwide for the sheer fact that you can fi t more effects into a smaller space. Obviously single stomp pedals suc h as OD, and Modulation are great as they typically just need one hit but treadle style effects like Wah and Volume haven’t been as approachable. The Wahter is more than workable, has some usable tones and feels tough. So if you’re into saving space and want to delve into a little wah,  it’s worth looking into the Wahter.