Introducing the 20-string “most metal guitar ever”

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Introducing the 20-string “most metal guitar ever”

The Spring BC Stevie T Djent 20 “Djentar” incorporates a flame maple/rosewood neck and fingerboard, black walnut body with spalted maple top, and 4Seasons custom pickups, complete with killswitch. Oh, and twenty strings.


But, does the Djentar djent? Stevie provides the answer to this burning question at 9:12.



Jared Dines has was quick to respond, proposing a metal face-off to see who is “the djentiest of them all.”

“I hereby challenge you to a one-on-one djent battle to see who is the djentiest of them all, the king of djent, the djent God, if you will,” Jared says.


“There will be blood. If you accept my challenge, I will see you on the battlefield; I will see you in djent 2019. You have 24 hours to respond.”


We are eagerly waiting to see this epic battle of the strings.