Ernie Ball Polylock Strap

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Ernie Ball Polylock Strap



The PolyLock strap for electric guitar and bass uses a patent-pending design to make it easy to securely attach the strap to your electric guitar or bass without the need for modification or bulky hardware. So you don’t need to replace your strap buttons with strap locks or an all-in-one strap system, or even do the old Grolsh-bottle washer trick to keep your strap secured. Instead you simply pop the top part of the hole over the strap button and then sort of push the guitar down into the strap. From there the anchor pretty much hugs onto the strap button and gravity does the rest of the work.


As for the strap itself, it’s made from 2-inch-wide Polyweb material which feels pretty damn durable, and is adjustable in length from 38 to 67 inches. A slight caveat though: the PolyLock strap may not be compatible with certain models including Danelectro and newer SG-style guitars. It worked fine on each of my instruments, including a Fender Stratocaster, a Gibson Les Paul Traditional, a Taylor SolidBody, a Michael Kelly 1957 Tele-style and even my Dean Dime Stealth. I’m not sure I’d use it to perform those cool Steve Vai ‘swing the guitar around your body’ moves (and besides, strap locks or not, that’s a reeeeeeeal good way to wrench the strap buttons out of the body and send your guitar flying into the wall, as I saw happen at the Espy once), but in terms of traditional-styled straps designed to simply hold your guitar in place around your body, this is more secure than any conventional strap.


Okay so straps aren’t the most sexy of accessories, and this one doesn’t look particularly flashy. If you’re in the market for a very respectable, neutral-looking strap, this one is great. If you’re looking for something a little more out-there visually, who knows, perhaps if this does will in the market then Ernie Ball will look at introducing colour and pattern to the range.