Arctic Monkeys launch new film, announce ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’ 7″

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Arctic Monkeys launch new film, announce ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’ 7″

The new 7″ is slated for release on Friday November 30 and will feature brand new B-side ‘Anyways’, sporting album artwork of frontman Alex Turner vacuuming a very Kubrickian hotel. 


The new film Warp Speed Chic, directed by Ben Chappell, documents the recording of this year’s Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino LP, as well as a number of live performances from Lyon, France. 



“I spent a few weeks with the band in France documenting the recording process with my 16mm camera in September 2017,” said Chappell. “At that point I was still only hearing bits and pieces of the tunes as they were being recorded. Nearly a year later, I was on stage with them in Lyon France, shooting some of those same tunes. When the film came back from the lab, I put the live songs next to my shots of them recording and found it to be quite nice.”



“With that as a starting point, I then used James Ford’s instrumental mixes of the album and I put an assortment of the images we created for this album overtop, giving a glimpse into the last year and the full progression of Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino.”


The 16mm footage emulates the Stanley Kubrick obsession that has consumed Turner’s music of late, showing the singer sporting A Clockwork Orange t-shirt throughout the recordings. The footage features Turner playing plenty of drums and directing an unusually large cast of players, with producer James Ford at the helm. The film was previously exhibited as part of the band’s AM:ZM exhibitions (with photographer Zackery Michael) in London and Sheffield.


The ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’ 7″ arrives Friday November 30 via UMA. 


Image via Zackery Michael.