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Twin Fires


Twin Fires are a bunch of rock classicists whose tunes don’t sound too studied or derivative. It’s a hard trick to pull off, but it’s achieved thanks to the feeling of pure joy conveyed by their simplified, freewheelin’ mid-tempo rock numbers.



Thursday September 22 – Brighton Up Bar – Sydney, NSW

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Rebel Yell


Rebel Yell is one third of Brisbane dark wave outfit 100%. Her solo output is decidedly less amiable, choosing instead to experiment with muted industrial sounds and unnerving drum-machine patterns.



Thursday September 22 – The Foundry – Brisbane, QLD

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Lower Spectrum


Perth producer Lower Spectrum is touring in support of his latest release ‘Atlas – Movements I & II’ (taken from the EP, Inverse). It’s a dynamic beat-centric piece of music that integrates electronic and organic sounds in a manner akin to the likes of Four Tet, Floating Points and Oneohtrix Point Never.



Thursday September 22 – The Bird – Perth, WA

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Imperial Broads

Garage pop

Imperial Broads provide a pretty accurate representation of riot grrrl pop punk. Though, their emphasis is on melodic vocal and guitar hooks rather than spit-in-your-face ideology – and that’s by no means a criticism.



Thursday September 22 – Red Rattler – Sydney, NSW

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Blood Plastic / Max Muller


I don’t know much about either Blood Plastic or Max Muller other than that their collaborative work is adequately reminiscent of (and indebted to) the early electronic advances of Kraftwerk and Jean-Michel Jarre. But that’s not to say the sound’s entrenched in the ‘70s; theirs is a legitimately captivating take on experimental synthpop.



Friday September 23 – Hotel Metro – Adelaide, SA

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Hip hop/R&B

I’ve never been mad about Allday’s approachable indie hip hop – possibly due to a feeling of being in the wrong age bracket – but I’ve always appreciated that what he does is slyly divergent while also gaining mass recognition. His recent single ‘Sides’ takes cues from trap and the new alternative R&B, and it’s perhaps the strongest showcase of Allday’s abilities as an MC thus far.  



Saturday September 24 – The Met – Brisbane, QLD

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Melody Pool

Alt folk

Melody Pool is on the road with local ramblin’ man Peter Bibby and they make a good match. While Bibby spins imagery-heavy, often humorous tales of misadventure, Pool’s songwriting is of a more symbolic and earnest nature. Take her recent single ‘Love, She Loves Me’ for instance: what begins as a gentle piano ballad detailing unconditional love spirals into a soaring and aggressive string laden epic.



Saturday September 24 – Heritage Hotel – Wollongong, NSW

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Near Myth

Indie pop

Near Myth are about to release their debut album. Though, their releases have been sparing thus far – just two songs uploaded to the internet over the last three years – so we shouldn’t get too excited. The most recent of those is ‘Hero Has a House’, a showcase in Talking Heads-style instrumental interplay centred on a solid indie-dance groove and tidily employed group vocals.



Saturday September 24 – Gasometer Hotel – Melbourne, VIC

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Holy Balm

Alternative house

Holy Balm’s new LP Activity mightn’t be designed solely for the purpose of facilitating dancefloor movement – there’s too much textural intricacy to support that thesis – but it could sure as hell satisfy that task. With their second LP, the Sydney trio have delivered a set of deftly produced alt-house numbers with a bounty of synthpop hooks within.



Sunday September 25 – Lowbrow Gallery – Canberra, ACT

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Garage punk

Shrimpwitch’s ‘Boyz Will Be Boyz’ could be one of the singles of the year. It’s completely hilarious, completely convincing, and completely addictive. Just fuckin’ listen to it, and then go see them play and laugh with them and at yourself.



Sunday September 25 – The Old Bar – Melbourne, VIC

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