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numark turntable main.jpg

Like the Technics SL-1200, the TT250USB has a similar black casing in a matte finish that looks very nice straight out of the box. All the usual tricks are there – the pitch adjustment fader is on the right, next to a target light that can be raised or lowered when needed, showing the edge of the platter for registering speed variances between turntables. On the left side, the start/stop button is found along with the 33 and 45 buttons, right where you would expect them to be hiding. Given this familiar layout, most DJs would be able to operate this unit with their eyes shut, assuming they discover the power switch on the top right of the unit that sets it apart from other similar turntables.    


This is a direct drive turntable with a good anti-skating tone arm that has a decent counterweight and smooth action. It has plenty of pitch correction range available and a good solid build. What this guy also brings to the party is a USB connection that allows you to easily run the main output signal into your computer without the need for an inline phono preamp, and thus record your vinyl collection to your hard drive for future listening. It also allows for DJ applications where a turntable is wanted to integrate sounds from a record into a recording or performance software platform.