Denon MCX8000 DJ Player

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Denon MCX8000 DJ Player



With a huge amount of mixers, software, media players, controllers, samplers and effects, the MCX8000 offers an all-in-one solution for the live or bedroom DJ. Essentially two decks (digital platters), a 4 channel mixer with two mic inputs, onboard effects and control pads, the MCX8000 looks slick and comes in one fairly lightweight yet super sturdy metal unit. Two HD displays give you a clear representation of your music input and Denon’s own ‘Engine’ software or ‘Serato DJ’ if you’re so inclined. Being a standalone system, the MCX8000 doesn’t need a computer to operate but obviously can interface with computers and outboard gear if required.



Getting started on the MCX8000 is easy. Outputs for speakers, monitors and headphones, USB connection to a PC (if needed), two USB inputs for ash drives, mic input, line inputs for other media sources and you’re away. Hit the power and you’ll get a colourful bright glow from the console. You can then rock up to a gig that has powered speakers and just plug in or patch into a bigger system without the need for plugging in 37 different leads and devices. Going ahead without the manual, I was able to plug in, load some tracks via USB and instantly get playing. All the standard crossfades, mixing and cueing is straight up and anyone with a little tech idea will delve much deeper with ease. Sampling, creating loops, syncing tracks and using beat grids lets you really get creative, and of course, if you want to connect with Engine or Serato you open yourself up to a whole extra level.



The MCX8000 really is an impressive unit. The displays are clear, the platters are smooth and responsive, the mixer section is easy to navigate and the pads and effects are all solid. There is so much packed into it that you’d need four articles to scratch the surface (pun intended). A really nifty design that covers both computer-based Serato action and manual USB work, it’ll satisfy the DJ for hire crowd, work with controller type software DJs and sit nicely as a permanent install in a venue. Seriously good and a seriously competitive. 


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