Gas Custom Drums Gas Bass MCM

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Gas Custom Drums Gas Bass MCM



Without getting too technical, the Gas Bass MCM is a low-frequency capture
 device. It helps to capture 
and enhance the low-end frequency of your kick drum. Here’s how it works. The sound from your kick drum strikes the diaphragm. The concave nature of the cone creates a smooth response (sensitivity
 of 89db). This causes the coil to vibrate within a magnetic field, thus creating an electrical impulse. The 6.5″ MCM (Moving Coil Microphone) captures the low-end frequencies that fall in the 44hz – 7khz range. These are not traditionally captured by a normal kick drum microphone. You then blend this with your other microphones and your kick drum sounds AMAZING!



We road tested the Gas Bass MCM at Head Gap studios over the weekend and got some great results. We tested it on a 22″ kick drum tuned for commercial playing. It produced an almost 808 like sound gave the kick drum sound so much more depth of character and low-end. The sound was rewarding and full and was so easy to achieve. As soon as we removed it we missed it. I loved the way it sounded, and started to see the value in the unit and the technology. The unit offers something uniquely different for drummers, studio engineers and recording artists. Its amazing looks add an exciting visual element to any drum kit, and your kick drum will never sound so good! 


Pick up a Gas Bass MCM for only $569, a once off offer running until the end of April – exclusive to Mixdown Magazine. For more info on Gas Drums, visit, or email Scott Green at [email protected].