StudioLogic Sledge Black Edition

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StudioLogic Sledge Black Edition



Many of you may be thinking that this is just a colour change in order to sell some extra units. But you will, as I did, find out very quickly that there are some excellent improvements with the Black Edition of the Sledge that are well worth looking into. This is not to say that the bright yellow model is without its merits. I still love the sound and functions of the original; the Black Edition simply offers a darker side to the synth. The keys will get your attention also being black in place of the white keys and grey in place of the black keys, giving an almost negative look to them. But, they also feel a lot different with
a semi-weighted action now included in this model. The added weight to the keys gives them a very nice touch that has more resistance, but is still very fast for those who like a slick synth keyboard.


As you all should know by now, StudioLogic had German synth gurus Waldorf build the engine for the Sledge. So, it’s a German engine in an Italian chassis, which makes a very powerful combination. The team 
at Waldorf have improved the output for the Black Edition so it is now considerably louder, without added operating noise. So, when you do get that volume up, you will also notice that there is a bigger range 
of factory pre-set sounds included, with plenty of changes from the previous model. You could easily spend days just scrolling through these sounds and playing around without getting bored of what is in there. A few added tweaks, like a synchronised LFO 2, address the concerns of existing users to improve the playability of the unit. This is a different synth to the original Sledge and one that will have potential buyers finding it hard to decide whether to go dark, or stick with the bright side.


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