Reviewed: Sennheiser EW100 G4-835 Wireless System

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Reviewed: Sennheiser EW100 G4-835 Wireless System

EW100 systems have for a long time represented excellent value whilst still maintaining Sennheiser’s strict quality demands. I have worked with G1, G2 and G3 systems for the last 15 years and never had an issue, except for the occasional singer who forgets to bring fresh batteries. I was excited to see the latest incarnation of this series in the G4 range. These are not just some annual upgrade to generate new sales.


When Sennheiser update these systems it comes from a need to stay the world leader in the wireless arena. So, your system is likely to be out of date in 12 months requiring an upgrade. You’ll see years and years of use on live stages with these systems. The receivers are in tough, rack mountable cases and the lightweight aluminium transmitters are made to be punished. They are sturdy, solid, dependable and comfortable in the hand.



The true diversity transmission of the EW100 G4-835 means you will have no issues when using multiple systems on the one stage. You can quickly and easily set up and link up to 12 receivers with transmitters in the one space. That should be enough for most ensembles outside of a large festival. You’ll find 20 compatible channels available and a wide bandwidth of transmission that offers up to 100 metres of RF transmission.


I managed to get mine down the driveway and across the road before I was unable to hear the receiver anymore, but I certainly could have gone further without an issue. Think of any stage you’re likely to play on and this unit will more than cover your needs, even if you’re standing on the bar at the back of the room, in the venue next door.


This system has the same great sounding capsule as offered in their e835 wired microphone for that Sennheiser clarity that we have come to know and expect in both wired and wireless performance microphones. It doesn’t matter where you are in the room, it sounds like you’re plugged in the entire time.


With that in mind, it really makes sense to put your wireless sound in the hands of a Sennheiser EW100 G4 system now and well into the future. Obviously, this is the smart choice for when you need a cardioid pickup pattern, but the 845 model is also available for a more directional capsule.