Reviewed: sE Electronics sE8 Stereo Condenser Microphones

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Reviewed: sE Electronics sE8 Stereo Condenser Microphones

The stereo pair of condenser microphones is by no means a new concept. In fact, it is pretty much a staple inn any studio or live setup, be it for drums, piano, vocal ensembles or just as balanced room microphones. SE Electronics are not diving into new water here, especially since they have had plenty of previous and still current models that suit the purpose. But the big plus with the sE8 pair is the size of both the microphones and the price tag. I cannot think of any other stereo pair available that offers the quality that these do for the spend they attract.


But let’s talk about how they actually sound. They all come as hand selected matched pairs, so you know that when one sounds good, the other will too, and they will be nicely balanced for any stereo recording work. Factory fitted with cardioid capsules, my initial investigation found these could be removed and replaced easily, so I think we can expect to see a greater range of capsules available in the future, making these even more versatile. They sound clear and crisp, with a fast transient attack and the ability to take plenty of sound pressure level with two levels of attenuation available for loud sound sources.


This is a great package for both the studio and live environments. Whether they need to be safely stored between uses, or are travelling around from one venue to another, the included aluminium flight case certainly does the trick. It houses both microphones, mike clips, pop filters and the stereo bar perfectly so they are well protected when not in use. The capsules are well housed and well designed for use in closed mike situations, too. With the pad and high pass filter switches recessed in the case, they are no problem and the overall size means you can work in and around crowded drum kits and close up to musicians without being too imposing. But best of all, they sound insane. sE Electronics have nailed it with the sE8 stereo pair.