Blue Bluebird Condenser Microphone

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Blue Bluebird Condenser Microphone



The Bluebird really takes the whole Blue name to a new level, like their very early microphones, this one is delivered in one colour and one colour only, 
and you guessed it, its blue! Standing proud in a lovely powder blue finish with nickel appointments and grill, which match the supplied nickel suspension mount; this certainly is a showpiece for any studio, even before you get to hear it. It’s assembled beautifully, and ships in a plywood storage box to ensure it gets looked after when not in use. But, with the way this microphone performs, there will be very little time in which you will not be using it. This is Blue’s Swiss army knife of condenser microphones. It will work well with just about every application in your studio from drums to guitars, as well as vocals and even piano or drums.



To say this microphone is versatile would be an understatement. The only thing that leaves it out from being used in most studio applications is the size, shape
 and side address design that might not allow for some close-mic applications with certain instruments. But aside from the housing, the capsule is ready for just about anything. The brilliant high frequency response of this microphone means you can gain a new perspective on many of your instruments. Best of all, it can handle high SPLs so you can even get inventive with drum applications. The Bluebird comes with a solidly built shock mount and pop filter that mounts directly to it for vocal use. Once set up on a sturdy stand that can hold the weight, you will most likely leave it set up and use
it time and time again. This is going to be a microphone you’ll want to have on display, and
 one you’ll want to have ready for recordings most of the time. 


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