Reviewed: Samson Expedition XP208W Rechargable Portable PA

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Reviewed: Samson Expedition XP208W Rechargable Portable PA

The Samson XPD2 wireless system is a great product in its own right, often coupled with lapel or handheld microphones, let alone integrated into a speaker that was already portable enough. The speaker is connectable via USB and can charge your phone while it’s at it, or play music via Bluetooth. Plug in, punch in some EQ, give yourself some reverb, turn up the backing track and you’re ready to play a gig, deliver an announcement or simply just for the sake of making noise. The Samson XP208W is a clear, powerful speaker that can suit a variety of uses, and continues to impress with the onboard controls and convenience.


As a part of Samson’s Expedition series of portable PA’s, there’s a lot hidden inside the box of the XP208W. It’s connectable via Bluetooth, or combo XLR/jack on channel one, a 1/4” jack on channel two, and a phone can be plugged in via USB to channel three, all on the rear of the speaker, and all with independent volume controls. The inputs are amplified by a Class-D 200 watt amplifier, suited to most smaller parties, gatherings or smaller gigs such as bars or cafes. Weighing in at 10kg, the Samson XP208W isn’t particularly heavy, but it’s robust enough to be sturdy when moved around in cars or stowed away with other gear until it’s needed when transporting. A steel grille protects the two way speaker, an 8” woofer and 1” tweeter, and the speaker enclosure can be mounted on a 1 3/8” speaker stand. The included Samson XPD2 wireless microphone system clips conveniently into the speaker for transport, and the USB inputs can double as an extra input for a Samson wireless microphone, where you may choose to use the voiceover and ducking capabilities inbuilt to ensure both microphones can be clearly heard without interfering with each other (no matter who is speaking!).



In use, the Expedition XP208W is incredibly usable, with 20 hours continuous battery life. There’s a universal reverb control as well as universal master volume and two band EQ, giving you the ability to boost or cut your highs or lows. Guitars, either acoustic or electric, can be plugged directly into the speaker for busking or small gigs, and your microphone can be plugged into another channel. A little volume balance on the rear of the speaker and you’re away. Alternatively, it’s ideal for whipping out to make a quick speech at a party, wedding or similar, or to play music at a gathering or event. The speaker could also provide a great powered monitor solution for musicians using profiling amplifiers and needing a portable but practical rehearsal solution to amplify their Kemper, Axe-Fx or Helix modeling system.


The Expedition XP208W is an easy solution to a quick and portable PA requirement. The included Samson XPD2 wireless microphone system charges while clipped conveniently into the speaker itself, while you play music from your phone via USB or Bluetooth before making an announcement with clarity and confidence. While busking or playing small gigs, you can be ready to go in seconds, dial your reverb, give it a little EQ and you’re ready to go. Small venues will love you for having such a small and convenient PA that they don’t need to worry about. The Expedition series in its entirety is ready to make easy work of previously cumbersome requirements, and it’ll do it with ease. The Samson Expedition XP208W specifically is an all-in-one package, a solution to problems you won’t encounter because of its intuitive design.