Reviewed: QSC CP8 Powered Speaker

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Reviewed: QSC CP8 Powered Speaker

The CP8 is a relatively small and compact speaker compared to its counterparts. It features a full range 8” cone and contains a 1000W Class-D amplifier module to handle most applications without risk of blowing the speaker. The CP8 uses QSC’s Intrinsic Correction technology, which assists in tuning the speaker in different environments for different uses. In line with the tuning corrections, the CP8 also features QSC’s Directivity Matched Transition (DMT) technology, which ensures no dropouts between crossovers and enables an entire rig of QSC speakers to deliver as even a sound as possible. The CP8 is all black and unassuming with a 35mm pole socket, perfect for use in a live venue or as onstage monitors that won’t distract.


The sound of the CP8 is very true to source, if a little more detailed than I’m accustomed to, making it perfect for monitoring. Alternatively, speakers of this size can often be used to re-amp room sounds when recording, or give tracks extra gusto when played back (e.g. a split of a snare, kick or guitar etc. while recording can be picked up by room mics and make raw audio already feel larger than life). The CP8 would suit this purpose perfectly. The monitors are detailed without being harsh, and the onboard DSP and included tuning and crossover technology prevent unruly feedback (within reason) or harsh/untrue reproductions of a sound. Alternatively, these would make a great speaker for playback in a reverb chamber or similar.


The CP8s would be especially good for onstage monitoring as they deliver enough power to satisfy any musician and allow them to focus on playing onstage. The angle of dispersion is focused without complete laser precision, so monitors can be loud without interfering with other sound sources on stage or creating harsh feedback by monitors that are aimed at each other and allow musicians to bop around without leaving the ‘sweet spot’. This also assists in focusing the entire frequency range at the intended musician or audience.


The CP8 would be a welcome addition to an array of speakers of any size or professional level. Smaller, robust and lightweight speakers are perfect for small, intimate gigs or DJ sets, whereas a smaller speaker could always come in handy in even the biggest live monitoring rigs, or in a professional studio environment for whatever purpose your creativity can come up with. The onboard processing is a huge help to users of any level, from backyard parties to professional live sound engineers. The CP8 really is an all-around speaker, easy to install, mount, tune and operate. They wouldn’t go astray in any setup.