Reviewed: Phil Jones Bass Cab 27 Bass Speaker Enclosure

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Reviewed: Phil Jones Bass Cab 27 Bass Speaker Enclosure

A long time advocate of smaller speakers, much of the PJB range utilises 5” and 7” drivers along with high level design to create their sound. The latest addition is the Cab 27 which features two 7” drivers and a 3” cone tweeter. Rated at 200 watts the Cab 27 is small in stature measuring 330 x 460 x 330 mm and weighing only 13 kgs. A smaller size doesn’t necessarily equate to less volume though with the cab handling low frequencies (even to the low B of a 5 string as PJB themselves state). The build quality seems top notch with touch vinyl/carpet styled covering and a steel grille.


The Cab 27 really is compact and could easily fit on the front seat of your car (it would actually fit in the leg room space in the front or back too). That combined with the weight and heavy duty top recessed handle make it a solid option as a grab and go for home, rehearsals and smaller gigs. As the sole cab in a small rig the Cab 27 performs beautifully. Punchy midrange, and solid bass response give you the basis for a great tone with enough headroom for smaller settings. The cab provides plenty of note definition and the porting adds some low end without sounding over exaggerated. For added oomph or modular rigs you could of course combine the Cab 27 with further boxes. Again the beauty of the size and weight of the cab would allow for easy setup if matched with a 4×12 or 1×15 etc.


As a smaller option to the Cab 47 and other (even larger cabs) in the PJB range the Cab 27 is a lightweight, good sounding cabinet that could be used in a range of styles and situations. The price is good, the build quality feels and looks right and you can mix and match with bigger rigs if needed. Rock, funk, jazz – whatever you’re chasing, the PJB Cab 27 is bound to tick all your boxes.