Reviewed: Eve Audio SC305 Studio Monitor

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Reviewed: Eve Audio SC305 Studio Monitor

The SC305 studio monitors from Eve represent a new era in studio monitoring and offer a wider range and clarity in a small nearfield monitor. They are perfect for the home or project studio where space is an issue, but where quality is essential. Sitting in a landscape design with a pair of five-inch drivers and a ribbon tweeter, the SC305s are able to deliver incredible low end accuracy for their size, whilst still maintaining a crystal clear top end. The ribbon tweeters deliver such a fast transient attack that every subtle nuance in your mix can be heard without audible distortion or sagging. The two woofers ensure the low frequencies are heard and stay sharp in clarity with the precise ribbon tweeter. These are very simple and easy to set up. The front panel volume control is an excellent feature, saving you from having to reach around the back of the units to adjust the levels. They work stunningly by themselves as a pair and don’t really require a sub to define the low end in your mix. Think about it; you have four 5” drivers operating within a pair of monitors, so they are capable of moving quite a bit of air on their own.


The SC305s are well and truly over-built. The construction is first class. The cabinet is solid, with dual rear porting to avoid low end chuffing as the air gets separated on its way out. Of course the ribbon tweeter is well protected and isolated in the housing, which ensures perfect directional sound to the listening position, without the issues of phasing and standing waves from high frequencies escaping out the back of the box. The ribbon speaker technology is not new, but it is rarely taken advantage of. Many manufacturers seem to steer away from the challenge that presenting a quality ribbon speaker creates. What Eve has done with this and their entire range is give you the opportunity to listen to the difference in studio monitoring with the combination of ribbons and traditional drivers. The results speak for themselves.