M-Audio AV42 Monitor Speakers

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M-Audio AV42 Monitor Speakers



Now, the thing about these monitors is that they are not trying to be the highest quality studio reference monitors by any stretch. They have a certain simple charm to them and will suit the needs of many of our readers, even if they haven’t considered speakers like this before. You see, whilst I have a place for reference monitors in my recording and mixing, I also want a speaker system at my work desk that allows me to simply plug my laptop or audio player in without the need to fire up the console, racks, recording computer and everything else. Sometimes, I just want to listen to music whilst working on my laptop, like right now as I am writing away. These speakers are just perfect for that purpose.


They are powered, but only one speaker houses an amplifier and requires power, whilst the other is run from a speaker cable that is fed off of the main unit. There is no EQ, no room control, and no adjustment of any sort except for a master volume on the front of the main speaker. An RCA to 3.5mm stereo jack cable is included so you can run straight out of the headphone output of your laptop, adjust the volume and you’re away. Stacked side by side with another, far more expensive pair of monitors I own, I was surprised 
to hear how much more bottom-end the AV42 system had, even with drivers that were an inch smaller, there is a certain presence in the lower mid frequencies that has vocals jumping out unlike my other, flatter sounding monitors. But, for general listening, they are actually very enjoyable and deliver plenty of volume for use in close quarters. These really are a great option for anyone who’s looking to make their first foray into the monitor game. 


For more details, head to proaudiogroup.com.au.