JBL EON615 Active Speaker

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JBL EON615 Active Speaker




I have been using EON speak- ers in one form or another for around twenty years now and continue to get great results, but I have also witnessed a series of changes over that time too. The EON515 became a bit of a standard in lightweight powered speakers for a while, so I was really intrigued to see what JBL would do with this new version. From what I have heard over the last few months, and from the reports I have been getting from other users, it all seems to be positive. Reliability issues have been cast aside, as the EON615 is proving to be a daily workhorse that puts in more hours than most of us are capable of. That is a real bonus, as I am sure anyone looking to invest in a pair of these speakers will need them to perform at any time in the knowledge that the equipment will be ready for the task at hand. 




At frst glance these speakers do appear to be considerably big- ger than their predecessor, but it’s more of an optical illusion that anything else. Gone is the rounded body of the old 515s, and in comes a range of cleaner lines that give the EON615 a more foreboding presence but still keep it at about the same size. The weight has been kept down too, making it ideal for musicians who want to travel with their PA system. On the back, you only get two inputs with the EON615, one less than the older version, but both will accept either mic or line levels, with a master volume controlling them. Four different EQ presets offer some bold differences in the unit’s delivery of sound and allow for a range of applica- tions. Of course, the option to illuminate the front LED is still included in the EON615, as that is very important, sometimes. Bluetooth connectivity is relatively simple with a quick sync and boot option to get your device paired up with the unit, bringing the EON range well into the future and setting up as a stalwart of sound reinforcement for many years to come.