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DV Mark Gambale Main.jpg

DV Mark have a few things going for them as a manufacturer of truly unique, high quality musical equipment. In finding a speaker cabinet to match the definitive characteristics of their Frank Gambale signature series Multiamps, they left absolutely no stone unturned. As such the FG212 slanted cab is every bit the brawn to the Multiamp FG’s brains.


One thing DV Mark does particularly well is a uniquely sized cabinet. The first two things you notice about this build is its short, thin stature coupled with just how incredibly light it is. Weighing in at a miniscule 11.4kg it’s easier than carrying a case of beer and I found I could lift it out of the box with one hand, a relief to anyone who has spent years lugging huge black boxes up flights of stairs. This comes at no sacrifice to capability however – it’s built to handle 300 watts RMS and with two 8-ohm parallel inputs, that bridge if you only need one. It’ll handle just about anything you can throw at it. 


Much like its companion, it’s a stylish looking thing too. The tolex is the same cream and black as the head on a classy, almost art deco diagonal across the sides. The open lower half of the back serves to further enhance your low end, while the tidy angle of the slanted face of the top speaker bolsters the mid to high frequency range for on stage presence and clarity. The speakers themselves are DV Mark’s own cream backed neo-classic design powered by their patented, ultra-lightweight neodymium magnets. These are mainly responsible for the way the whole cabinet feels like it is cleaning up the wayward artifacts and ugly overtones that amps can give off unintentionally, almost like it’s looking out for you like a friend with a good set of ears.


It may not be as imposing as a full stack to stand in front of, but what DV Mark’s FG212 lacks in stature it more than makes up for in portability, stamina and usability. It’s not there to flatten you or your audience as much as it is there to floor them with unprecedented clarity, headroom and individuality that few other cabs can boast. Sheer might gives way to style and substance like never before, and it makes for a refreshing change