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There is nothing worse than completing a great recording take only to realise that there is some unwanted noise in the signal that wasn’t noticed earlier. You can’t always go back and capture that certain moment again, so you’re left with the painstaking task of cleaning up the sound. Only so much can be done with traditional EQ and compressor plugins designed for helping a signal sit well in the mix. However, RX6 Advanced has a tool for every problem by utilising what they call ‘machine learning’ to create the ability to remove, repair and replace unwanted sounds in a mix. Think about the annoying rustle that can come from a lavelier microphone when it brushes against the performer’s clothing. Previously that was almost unavoidable, but now RX6 Advanced allows you to drop in the de-rustle plugin and with a click of the mouse and a slight adjustment of the controls, it can be gone. It’s really that simple. There are a range of tools designed to target all sorts of noises and problems in recorded audio. You just need to find the tool that is specific to your problem and load it into the channel and you’re about set.


Originally designed as a range of post-production tools for broadcast and film, the newer additions to RX6 Advance make it all the more necessary for studio recording of music, especially in the home studio when the environment isn’t always the best. Think about it, you can tame any of those unwanted environmental noises that previously made it unbearable when recording at home. The mouth de-click and spectral de-ess tools are perfect for fixing those problems on the vocals that your pop filter simply can’t hold back. Adding the breath control tool gets even more intimate with your vocals as it takes away the breathing between words and phrases for the cleanest possible take. Other tools like de-verb actually reduce the amount of natural reverb created by your room to give you a drier recording when your environment doesn’t necessarily allow for it. And the de-hum tool is going to be a blessing to those of you recording noisy guitar amplifiers at home when you want to reduce line noise.


This amazing suite of software tools is available for all musicians and engineers alike to make the most of. Available in a range of packages at varying price points, you will want to go all out and invest in the full RX6 Advanced once you hear what these tools are capable of doing.