Review: PreSonus Revelator io44

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Review: PreSonus Revelator io44

revelator io44
Words by Cambell Courtney

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With the rise of streaming, podcasting, and the demand for more affordable and portable audio equipment, more and more we are seeing hardware geared towards this market, and the PreSonus Revelator io44 is one of these devices. 

Designed with live streamers in mind, the Revelator io44 is an excellent choice for an interface for streaming, podcasting, or music production. Its small form factor and solid construction makes it ideal for both permanent and portable studios, with built-in DSP processing helping to alleviate the taxing nature of audio processing software. 

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While the Revelator io44 is primarily targeted at live streamers, it is just as applicable in a musical context. It is especially handy for musicians on the go or working with limited space. The interface has a single mic/instrument combo input, a TRRS input for headphones that will also allow recording from a headset mics – especially good for gaming and streaming – as well as a TRS line input for recording phones, MP3 players, DJ mixers, and anything else with a line level stereo output. Everything you may need from a small, portable interface. 

Bundled with the unit are integrated DSP effects, for real time processing of incoming signals which are of high quality and didn’t affect recording latency to any noticeable degree when testing. The internal DSP processing frees up your computer’s processing power, allowing for smoother operation of other programs, whether that be other plugins, streaming software, or CPU intensive video games.

Included are EQs, compressors, limiters, reverbs, delays, and a range of vocal effects. The Universal Control software, which comes as a free download from the PreSonus website, allows you to easily control these parameters and save them with up to six user presets, with a further eight premade presets. A nice touch which permits those both familiar and unfamiliar in advanced audio processing, to get a clean, professional-sounding recording right out of the box. Presets can also be saved and shared among other Revelator users, meaning there are no lack of presets for any situation or context. 

Setting up and using the Revelator was a very easy process. After downloading the Universal Control software, it was as simple as plugging the interface into the computer. The interface and the software instantly started working as intended. Immediately, we had signal through the device, Universal Control and Ableton, the DAW we used for our tests. The signal was clear thanks to the XMAX-L digital preamps, which provide low noise and lots of headroom. The interface allows for recording up to 96kHz at 24 bits for high quality and professional-sounding recordings. 

From our tests, the factory presets did a great job of cleaning up the signal and reducing noise, giving us an instantaneously professional-sounding recording. When using a gaming headset with a built-in mic and one of the built-in presets, the clarity of the signal was significantly improved while minimising hums, hisses, and pops. When testing with a single coil Fender Strat, the ‘electric guitar’ preset did an excellent job rolling off that infamous single coil hum, while still maintaining the sonic characteristics of the instruments.  

On the device there are a range of tactile features. A small OLED screen provides crucial information and navigation of the features of the interface. It is controlled with a single rotary button that scrolls through different parameters and allows you to set these parameters to your needs. Also included are a pair of ‘preset’ buttons that toggle between two predetermined presets with just the press of a button. Allowing you to recall your favourite channel presets with the press of a button. 

Another useful feature of the io44 is the loopback functionality. This allows for the recording of computer audio, whether that be video games, videos, or music, onto a seperate channel within the interface and into your recording software. Having individual recordings of each element makes the editing and balancing of sources much easier during post production, while also streamlining adjustments to levels during real-time performances, such as live streams, as all audio sources are monitored within the same location. Level adjustments are able to be made from both the device and within the Universal Control software.

Included with the interface is the Studio One Artist software, PreSonus’ proprietary digital audio workstation, meaning that those who purchase the Revelator io44 will immediately have access to a tracking and editing software. Also included is the Studio Magic bundle, which compiles a range of VST plugins for deeper editing and processing options during post production.

The Presonus Revelator io44 audio interface is an excellent choice for those looking to get into streaming, podcasting, or wanting to take their studio on the go. The small footprint and solid build lends itself to those who do a lot of travelling or those who don’t have much home studio space to work with. The ease of use is great for streamers and podcasters who may not have extensive knowledge of audio processing, with a range of presets providing professional recording options with the press of a button. 

It also appeals to the seasoned musician and producer, with an array of effects and deeper editing parameters to really dial in that desired sound. Not to mention the included Studio One and Studio Magic software, the Revelator aims to provide everything you need to get started in either streaming, podcasting, and music production from the get go!

Head to PreSonus for more information. For local enquiries, reach out to Link Audio.