Review | MEE MX Pro In-ear Monitors

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Review | MEE MX Pro In-ear Monitors

Words by Nancy Malone

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 No longer just the domain of the touring stadium act, the category of in-ear monitoring is one that has undergone a period of rapid evolution in recent times, with manufacturers extracting every bit of comfort and performance possible out of this live audio staple. 

Nowhere is this more apparent than in something like MEE Audio’s new MX Pro line of in-ear monitors, which combine durability and fit with a remarkable output level, making them a perfect on stage addition to your touring rider.

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As a live vocalist with an ‘energetic’ stage persona, my thoughts immediately went to past experiences of in-ears being ripped out or stepped on in the heat of the moment, but the MX Pro series immediately put these concerns to rest. Their ergonomic design, makes them near-impossible to dislodge, and their modularity makes them easy to repair regardless of which part needs switching out, giving them a level of redundancy that is second to none-perfect for any artist in the throes of a long, arduous tour who needs to hoard back ups upon back ups.

With four different models across the range (each boasting different driver configurations), there is a model for every application be it for live vocal performance, providing onstage clearly and audibly for instrumentalists, or even as an alternative set of monitoring headphones in the studio, their in-ear topography providing the gold standard in isolation. 

Given their modular setup, there is also plenty of customisation to be had, with components being able to be changed or upgraded independently. The brand’s patent system was designed from the ground up, meaning that all parts and accessories – including custom-moulded eartips and engraved faceplates – are interchangeable between all of the models within the series.

Essentially, this means you could start with a universal-fit MX1 PRO and then convert it into a custom monitor over time as your needs as a performer/practitioner change. If any part needs to be replaced later on, or you merely decide that you’d like to switch to another MX PRO model, you can swap out all of your accessories and customisations – even the custom-fit moulds – in a matter of seconds. This range allows you to create the perfect Frankenstein of features; to tailor your in-ears to your specific needs.

This modular approach blurs the line between universal and custom in-ears, and thus MEE is facilitating great audio performances and on-stage hearing protection for musicians on any budget.

Each MX Pro drive configuration option has a specific audio practitioner in mind. Primarily performing these days as a vocalist, the MX3 Pro were the obvious first choice for me, and their crisp, focused midrange is a result of the unique driver construction, namely two moving coil woofers for natural air movement in the low end, and two balanced armatures for precisely detailed treble frequencies – this is the set the brand suggests for guitarists and singers, and it’s easy to hear why. Diction is precise and clear onstage with a level of articulation far beyond what you would normally expect to hear through a set of in-ears. 

Perhaps most surprising was the impressive heft of the output coming from the MX3. Far from a shrinking violet, there is a robustness in tone that is ideal for keeping track of transients and timing cues amongst the cacophony of stage volume. This ability alone is worth the cost of entry.

For those using their IEM’s for monitoring, mixing, or even just general listening it would pay to try the MX1, which features an advanced, moving coil driver that delivers dynamic audio with well-balanced bass, good clarity and crisp detailing. Drummers and bass players need look no further than the MX2, which is more bass inclined, with its dedicated moving coil subwoofer. Those seeking a set for stage and studio monitoring will likely gravitate toward the MX4, for its capability to ensure a balanced, high-fidelity reference sound.

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The sleek, transparent design of the set that I have personally welcomed into my live-performance arsenal means that these in-ears are inconspicuous and don’t distract a crowd visually – especially at a distance. For the particularly image conscious customer, the ability to design your own set of headphones down to each minute feature is undoubtedly a boon – us artists love the opportunity to express ourselves at every turn, right? Why not flex your individuality with your in-ears too! 

The sound, fit, comfort and feel of this product is nothing short of fantastic. These things seriously stay put – I’ve not once had to push them back into my ears on stage, which is a huge drawcard for me. The process of incorporating in-ears to your live set up as a vocalist can be intimidating for many – but I’ve found that the MX3 actually allows me to hear all of the immediate nuances of my voice (perhaps a little too well) and has actually allowed me to improve the longevity of my vocal quality while touring, as I’m not constantly over-projecting just to try and hear myself. 

The reasonable price point of the MX Pro series is a deal only sweetened by the fact of their modular design; as opposed to buying a whole new set if an element of your IEM’s malfunctions, being able to switch out individual parts is a convenient and cost effective solution. While I’ve found the custom mould to be a cherry on top, the standard ear tips and faceplates are perfectly serviceable too. 

Whether you’re a live vocalist, instrumentalist, or an audio practitioner favouring IEM’s for studio use, I am completely confident that there is an option for you in the MEE Professional MX pro range. The brand undoubtedly understands the breadth of use of IEM’s in the contemporary music industry, and has thus delivered a sleek, entirely customisable product, interchangeable and chameleonic as the creative industry they’ve been designed in service of. 

Fore more information head to MEE Professional. For local enquiries, visit Xenonoz.