Review: Lewitt Connect 6 Audio Interface

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Review: Lewitt Connect 6 Audio Interface

Words by Lewis Noke Edwards

Electric Factory | RRP: $479

It feels like Lewitt are popping up on more and more people’s radars with every passing year, particularly with studio engineers who have taken a shine to the brand’s rock solid, utilitarian range of microphones. 

Hailing from Austria, there is plenty to like about Lewitt. From their egalitarian price point through to their futuristic, neon green aesthetic, they are clearly a brand with an eye firmly on the future, producing everything from affordable and accessible products right up to professional grade hardware and everything in between, with no sacrifice in quality along the way. 

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The Connect 6 Audio Interface is one of their early forays into convertors, and boy oh boy does it carry the torch for Lewitt. The Lewitt Connect 6 is a two-input USB-C audio interface, designed for musicians and creators who need all hands on deck in a small package. The inputs are combo ¼”/XLR inputs, allowing you to record both line level/instrument or microphones through the same input. The back of the unit boasts three USB-C inputs for connection to your computer, power and your phone, so you can use it on the go and create sounds however you like. There’s an auxiliary device input and output, both ⅛”, as well as left and right ¼” outputs for main monitors if you’re using the Connect 6 in a more static set-up. Onboard DSP is available for treating audio on the way in, and the Control Center app is included from Lewitt for you to remotely control preamp input, routing and DSP processing. The usability of the Connect 6 is unparalleled, somehow making a small interface that can be used for podcasting on the go or at a studio, recording music, streaming or even work meetings with pristine audio. The connectivity is staggering, but not overwhelming, as the Connect 6 is largely plug and play. You’ll have it up and running in moments, with clearly labelled inputs, outputs and routing options on the unit itself and in your computer.

The Lewitt Connect 6 Audio Interface offers great digital and analogue connectivity in a rugged but subtle and classy chassis. The analogue connectivity is via the two combo ¼”/XLR inputs, and there’s multiple analogue output options. The Connect 6 features two headphone outputs on its front, and input metering on the face so you can keep an eye out for optimal levels. The preamps have 72dB of gain on board, as well as super low-noise rated at -133dbV EIN. EIN stands for Equivalent Input Noise and refers to the noise that the preamps introduce, i.e. their noise floor. The acceptable range is generally -120dbV to -129dBV, so the Lewitt can hang with the best of them. The Lewitt Connect 6 is controlled via the Lewitt Control Centre, where you can put together two separate mixes, i.e. for monitoring and streaming, or for yourself and a recording artist, as well as having access to the preamps where you can toggle phantom on and off, flip phase or engage the high-pass filter. Once you’ve got healthy signal, you can engage the onboard DSP and record through an Expander, Compressor and Equaliser to get great sounding recordings that don’t need much work – or that sound great when streamed live! 

While the small size lends itself well to those beginning their recording journey, the Lewitt has powerful onboard DSP for the more experienced amongst us, and its small size means we can travel with it and work on the go. It’s not always easy to get great sounding recordings from the start, but Lewitt makes it easy and accessible. Their DSP doesn’t have a particular colour, but is instead designed to tame and control audio as it’s been recorded or streamed. Best of all, the DSP prevents your computer or phone from melting down during a recorded take, so you can be confident that the Lewitt Connect 6 Audio Interface is as ready as you. Connection is a breeze and the Lewitt is largely plug and play with Windows or Mac, while the routing options within the Control Center leave you confident that the Connect 6 will be ready for anything. The magic of recording and streaming is that anything can happen, and generally if it can happen, it will, but you’ve got backup inputs and outputs, as well as separate mixes available for monitoring, so you can easily and quickly find a work around.

The Lewitt Connect 6 is a really functional and robust audio interface. It’s designed for creators and music makers, and Lewitt have packed a lot of what we need into a practical and small package. It takes up limited desk space, but will also fit in a backpack, and is powered by USB-C so you can use it on the go. For this reason, it’s an equally good purchase for beginners or professionals alike, as you’ll always find a use for it. Even outside of music and content, as the world moves online and working from home becomes more common, the Lewitt Connect 6 can be a great option for meetings. The same functionality designed for podcasting, streaming and music making allows you to route signal whenever you need it, albeit the professional-grade audio quality being lost on your coworkers after Zoom processes your voice! The onboard DSP is really practical, available on both inputs independently, and takes the processing off your computer, so recording can continue without a hitch. Even if there is a hitch, while surely not the fault of the Connect 6, it’s ready to route signal elsewhere to continue the music uninterrupted.

Head to Lewitt for more information. For local enquiries, reach out to Electric Factory.