Review: Gravity Cart M 01 B

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Review: Gravity Cart M 01 B

Words by Rob Gee

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When you pop down to your local musical instrument store, it’s usually with the intent of purchasing a beautiful new instrument, some exciting new electronic gear, or just to pick up some guitar strings and some more picks, because those things never last. Still, there is a certain magical energy, and the enjoyment of walking away from that experience is what keeps us going back. Well, not all purchases come with so much romanticism and fond memories. Sometimes you just need a level-headed purchase to make the enjoyment of using all that amazing equipment carry on, as you have to carry it. So, let me introduce you to the Gravity M 01 B Cart, that one piece of gear that you didn’t dream about, but really know you want.

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Sound guys, stagehands, and DJs will probably pay more attention to this item. They are the people who spend a lot of time loading gear in and out of venues and truly know how to appreciate a good bit of engineering when they see it. Let’s face it, an engineer is more likely to get excited about a trolley than a creative type, because they can truly appreciate its form and function. But musicians will be glad to have one of these in the back of their car too. 

For the acoustic duo, or solo artist, it is an obvious decision. Musicians who have to bring a PA system into a venue along with instruments, microphones, cables, and stands for just about every gig. The Gravity M 01 B Cart is going to make the set-up process so much simpler, especially so when it is often near impossible to find a car park anywhere near the venue. Imagine reducing those six trips back and forth to the car down to one casual stroll, leisurely pushing your new trolley as you go. OK, so it might not be that idyllic, after all, you have a show to get to, but you can see my point. 

It gets even better for larger bands. You can get an entire drum kit’s cases, traps bag, and all on one of these and make it one easy trip into the venue. The guitar amp and bass amp can both go on there together, if the bass player actually turns up on time. Or, if you’re lugging in an amp head and cabinet, it can be switched around to become a tilt trolley and you can roll that rig inside in one go. There’s even enough space to fit a guitar case upright on there with your cabinet.

Essentially, this is the friend that every musician and sound technician wishes they had always had. Its sturdy build allows for a capacity of up to 150kg, so you can wheel the drummer out to the van at the end of a show if things get out of hand. It’s an eight-in-one design, allowing for eight different setup configurations. That said, you’ll most likely find the one or two setups that work best for you and never bother with the rest. As mentioned, the tilt trolley design is going to work well in a lot of instances, and with its extended base section, you will fit more onto it in this fashion than you do with most of those fold out tilt trolleys that a lot of people use. But it goes much further than that.

As a flat bed trolley, you have the option of a handle at one end, or a handle at both ends. Using the two-handle option means you can only side load the trolley, but the front handle does act as a barrier to stop your gear flying off the front when you stop suddenly or take a corner with a little too much excitement. When fully extended, you will get an entire drum kit on there, as long as you’re not performing in a prog rock band. This of course seriously widens the turning circle, but with the swivel wheels at the front, you can still get it around even some fairly tight corners in narrow corridors.

The swivel wheels at the front have a stamp-down locking mechanism on them. So, you can turn your back to have a chat and not worry about all your equipment rolling off into the distance with a mind of its own. The rear wheels are a larger diameter, with solid rubber tyres on them. This makes it easier to bump up steps if needs be, rather than jamming the little front wheels into a gutter. If you tilt the cart back slightly to pop the front wheels over a step or gutter, two curved rails on the underside will stop the rear wheel from jamming and enable the cart to slide up until the rear wheels engage and keep on rolling. And when you’re finished with the load, it quickly folds up to reduce space in transit.

It may not seem like it, but there is a lot going on with this clever design. It is far from the most glamorous purchase at your local music store, but it might well be the best one you make for a long time. When you’re all set up at your next gig with plenty of time to spare, you’ll be glad you had a Gravity M 01 B Cart in your kit. And when you bump out of the venue in one swift motion at the end of the night, I think you’ll agree that this is a piece of kit that you will never want to go without again.

Head to Gravity Stands for more. For local enquiries, reach out to Link Audio.