Review: Audix PDX720 Signature Edition

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Review: Audix PDX720 Signature Edition

Words by John Tucker

Audix PDX720 | Link Audio | SSP $1499.00

Everyone knows Audix; a renowned name in the world of professional audio, Audix are celebrated for their innovation and commitment to delivering top-notch sound solutions. Founded in 1984, the brand has firmly established themselves as a premier manufacturer of microphones and audio equipment, catering to a diverse range of applications from live sound and studio recording, to broadcast and installed sound systems. Their unwavering dedication to audio excellence is evident in the exceptional quality and performance of their products.

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Audix Microphones

Audix’s expanded product line includes microphones for a wide array of applications, with models designed for various instruments, vocals, and specific sound reinforcement tasks. Musicians, sound engineers, and audio professionals worldwide trust Audix for their bombproof ‘Made in USA’ build quality and pristine sound reproduction, garnering a reputation as a utilitarian workhorse brand for the itinerant operator. The company’s longstanding commitment to crafting durable, reliable, and innovative equipment has seen them earn them a fervent customer base and numerous industry awards. With a history marked by ingenuity and a future driven by a passion for sound, Audix continues to shape the sonic landscape for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Audix PDX720 Signature Edition

The Audix PDX720 Signature Edition microphone is a premium large diaphragm dynamic for those looking for the very best in modern vocal recording. Exhibiting state of the art craftsmanship, this microphone is a testament to Audix’s commitment to delivering superior sound for the most discerning audio professionals and musicians.

Designed for speech as well as vocals, the PDX720 Signature Edition makes a bold entry with a striking visual featuring golden grilles and an aggressively asymmetric black body, it would be reasonable to see this mic on a science fiction set, and it will be popular with content creators for this reason, as it has a very prominent and singular aesthetic that will no doubt be instantly recognisable in the bevvy of Youtube videos and video podcasts that this microphone is sure to find a home on. 

PDX720 Specifications

Weighing in at a tad under 900g which is including the integrated mount, the Audix PDX720 is clearly intended to be kept on the setup, as it is a little bulky to wield handheld, in a live environment for example, however it isn’t the the intended use for the microphone. The base of the microphone has two switches, a three way HPF switch (or low cut as they call it) with an adjustable roll off point at either 120Hz or 155Hz, and a mid ‘presence’ boost with options to boost by 0, 1.5 or 3db. 

Audix 2

A neat feature that protects the switches from accidental toggling (as opposed to the common methodology of sinking the switches deep in the housing) is the addition of a magnetically attached back plate that acts as a sort of cowling, hiding the switches entirely. This presents a very clean and polished exterior, and especially as the XLR runs out of the base of the integrated mount – the whole module looks very clean.

One of the aspects of the Audix PDX720 Signature Edition frequency plot charts is the response in the low end, as the chart shows the response being pretty much flat down to 20Hz. It is worth noting that this was tested at a close range of 200mm rather than the standard range of 1m, but Audix have also mentioned that they have added adjustments in the capsule intended to remove plosives and proximity effect, so it may not be as much of a boost as would first be assumed. 

PDX720 Sound

The upper mid response is pleasant and recessed staying nice and flat all the way up to the 8kHz region, with a pretty typical roll off from there. This flatness in the upper mids sees the PDX720 take to EQ particularly well, while also providing plenty of usable capture well past 10kHz and at 15kHz directly out of the box. 

The Audix PDX720 Signature Edition is perhaps best served as a vocal mic, either sung or spoken, however it also makes a good kick drum microphone given its respectable low end response, and serviceable response to proximity, works well on bass and guitar amps,especially since the ‘presence’ switch will add in a lot of excitement on the upper mid-range, which is bound to please any guitarist.

While the sleek style may not be a selling point for some, it certainly was for me, and I had immense pleasure having it in my setup as almost a feature piece, and as someone who records a lot of bass amp and guitar amp, I found many additional uses for it beyond the serving suggestion. 

The ideal customer for the Audix PDX720 is the podcaster or streamer, who wants the ultimate ‘set and forget’ solution, requiring very little. It also stands up against other industry standard microphones and offers a very bold fresh take on making microphones a statement piece without sacrificing performance.

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