Review: AlphaTheta WAVE-EIGHT

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Review: AlphaTheta WAVE-EIGHT

Words by Lewis Noke Edwards

SonicLink does away with the latency introduced by Bluetooth, meaning that the moves you make on whatever equipment you’ve connected to the WAVE-EIGHT will happen in real-time.

The AlphaTheta WAVE-EIGHT is an 8” portable speaker with wireless capabilities via Bluetooth, Wireless Link or SonicLink connection with the (included) transmitter.

AlphaTheta is a new range of products from Pioneer DJ. Pioneer DJ is a hugely successful and broadly trusted name in the industry products falling under the AlphaTheta umbrella being forward-thinking and refined while accessible quality for those beginning their music journey or for those more experienced after reliable and affordable solution. AlphaTheta refers to brain frequencies achieved at optimal performance, not unlike the growing range of products.


The WAVE-EIGHT weighs just 12.7kg and has multiple preset EQ modes: Music / Music (Low Cut) / Flat / Flat (Low Cut) / Vocal / Subwoofer. The Low Cut modes are used when a separate WAVE-EIGHT is coupled into the system and used in subwoofer mode. The control panel is simple enough, the EQ modes doing away with the need for EQ for the system as a whole. There’s a master volume and a LIMIT indicator, the limiter kicking in at high levels to protect the speaker itself. Beyond this there’s indicator lights for the Wireless Link, SonicLink and Bluetooth connections.

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Connection and power are a simple enough process – what how does the AlphaTheta WAVE-EIGHT sound?

A class-D amplifier powers an 8” aramid fibre driver, the enclosure featuring a Vortex Bass Accelerator and a 1” soft dome tweeter. The WAVE-EIGHT, even in Mono mode, is powerful. Link together a second unit for wide, expansive stereo sound, or using the aforementioned subwoofer mode to use a WAVE-EIGHT as a dedicated sub, alleviating the main WAVE-EIGHTs in your system from having to process the low lows.

The WAVE-EIGHT’s response is balanced and concise, the design of the cabinet itself helping to drive acoustic energy out of the speaker instead of fizzling out into a badly designed cabinet like some speakers! The WAVE-EIGHT is focused, offering a refined version of whatever you put through, be it a DJ set, music for a party, or even simply a vocal microphone for speeches at an event. The WAVE-EIGHT is a great solution for musicians using a DI box, i.e. for acoustic guitars or keyboards, either rehearsing or performing.

The microphone inputs are available via a pair of combo inputs, allowing for either line or XLR connection. The mic input stage has a simple, two-band EQ with either high or low boost/cut with 12dB a side. There’s a third TRS connection for a mic as well, all with a Mic Input gain control between the combo inputs and TRS in. The mic stage has an echo effect available, simply blended in with the ‘ECHO” control.

The WAVE-EIGHT is a no-brainer for just about everyone making sound. Party-goers have an easy, wireless solution to providing powerful sound, while it’s a super handy speaker to have around at home in the need of announcements or speeches at parties, weddings or other important events.

What’s more, the WAVE-EIGHT is waterproof with an IPX4 rating, so it can be used outside if need be. Charge your phone or other USB device on the go, the WAVE-EIGHT itself offering eight hours of battery life with a full charge. Moving the WAVE-EIGHT is easy with well placed and comfortable handles as well as casters and an extendable handle. The angle design of the speaker enclosure allows for the WAVE-EIGHT to be used as a monitor or foldback when performing. Heck, get a set and use them to handle front of house, subs and monitor speakers!

AlphaTheta WAVE-EIGHT back

Looking back to the EQ modes, MUSIC mode is best for a party or listening, as it hypes up the transients and low end of the sound of music for maximum impact as enjoyment. FLAT reproduces the sound exactly as as it’s received, the Low Cut option filtering off the low end as expected. SPEECH mode helps to emphasise the frequencies of the human voice, while also getting rid of unnecessary mud and mess, while the SUBWOOFER mode cuts high and mid frequencies.

The AlphaTheta WAVE-EIGHT is an unparalleled player in the loudspeaker game, especially when speaking to portability, function, design and most importantly: sound. It’s plenty powerful on its own, while also having the ability to easily connect to bigger and more powerful setups in stereo and sub configurations, all the while with easy-to-use preset controls. The design of the speaker allows the 8” driver and 1’” tweeter to sound their very best for focused, professional and clear sound. Connect easily via Bluetooth or via SonicLink for ultra-low latency sound for DJing or music performance. The setup and function of the speaker is a no brainer, so buying one shouldn’t be any different!

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