Blue Lola Over-Ear Headphones

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Blue Lola Over-Ear Headphones



I don’t think the images supplied really do justice for
 the design of these cans. You need to see a three dimensional representation of them to fully understand how unique a design these headphones are. In short, don’t just look at the website; get your hands on a pair. 
Let’s face it, Blue were never going to enter the headphone market with a poor imitation
 of someone else’s headphones. No, they have stepped boldly forward with an offering that is unique and functional. Finding the right position for these headphones to sit at is a little challenging at first, with the unconventional arm movements a little confusing, but when you figure it out, they sit firmly and comfortably, almost like you are wearing nothing at all.



As Blue are known for capturing sound, we now have a chance 
to hear what they think our sound should be delivered as. The over-ear design allows for an isolated listening environment that delivers a clear and precise representation of the sound to your ears. They are not fatiguing in any way, even with extended use. At very low volumes you still get a balanced reference of what the sound should be, not losing any low frequencies in relation to the rest of the signal. In all, they sound pretty good to my ears. Plus, they come with a very nicely appointed carry pouch and two cables. One cable is long for use at a mixing console or when listening from your home stereo. The other is shorter and includes a microphone and TRRS connection for integration with a smartphone.


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