Audient ID22 USB Audio Interface

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Audient ID22 USB Audio Interface




For those of you, like myself, who like to ride a desk when creating and mixing music, an interface that integrates with your console in the form of a handy controller is always desir- able. The ID22, although rather large for what it offers, gives you that desktop control over your DAW and I/O, always at your fngertips when you need it. Given that it is a fairly large unit for what is essentially a two in- put device (although there is the ability to run eight additional inputs by ADAT) you have a well spaced out control surface with both inputs’ controls easily defned. Switch for phantom power, -10dB pad, phase and low pass flter are all available through physical switches beneath the gain control for each channel. On the input side of things, it is very neat and well laid out, and as it offers excellent AD/ DA conversion, it ticks all the boxes here for what an audio interface of this calibre should. It does more than that when you integrate it with your recording system as this becomes a hands- on monitoring controller too.




This is just the sort of interface I love to work with in a recording setup as it happens to work as a monitor controller too. One hand will ride the mouse, while the other generally hovers around the monitor control for listening adjustments in the mix. With four analogue outputs, along with two send and returns, there is plenty of scope for integrating this with a range of monitor- ing solutions and having the Dim and Cut buttons located on the unit just below the volume control allow for a number of monitoring adjustments. The three programmable function keys are very handy too, as I always like to work with a Mono button at my fngertips and that is naturally going to be the frst function I programme one of these to do.