Audient ID14 USB Audio Interface

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Audient ID14 USB Audio Interface



This compact device offers a fair bit in control and connectivity, making it a real class leader in usability, form and function. Essentially, it is a two in and two out interface in the typical way of thinking of things, when you consider the analogue inputs. You get two combination Neutrik XLR/TRS inputs on the rear of the device and a pair of TRS outputs for you monitors to run off. Looking a little closer reveals a host of added connections that don’t jump
out at first glance. Obviously, there is a headphone output – an absolute must of for recording overdubs – but the front panel also offers an additional input in way of a Hi-Z DI input for guitars and basses to be sent in through. On the rear is an optical input that allows up to 8 channels of ADAT inputs or 2 channels of SP/DIF should you wish, so you can easily integrate this device with other preamps in your home recording setup and expand it to a very workable number of inputs for larger recordings. Run an 8-channel microphone pre through the ADAT and you’re set to record and entire drum kit with no worries.



The large rotary encoder on the top panel offers a variety of uses, making this a more interactive interface than most. Three buttons below allow you to assign the encoder to different tasks including speaker volume, headphone volume and dim or mute functions. The encoder, along with the gain controls all feel great to operate. The buttons are firm and precise and the phantom power switches are very nice too. It all feels very well put together and compliments the quality of the mic preamps and A/D conversion. In all, this is a quality unit that I am sure most of you would benefit from an upgrade to.